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Qualifications and Rights of the Distributor

The distributor shall have experience in distributing or selling red ginseng or health food. The distributor does not have the required number of red ginseng products that must be purchased regularly from KNT headquarters. The distributor has the right to use the Dongwoo trademark locally. The distributor is guaranteed the right to sell in the applicable sales area of Dongwoo red ginseng products.

KNT expects the distributor to

  • Continue to execute Dongwoo’s promotional marketing to customers.
  • Improve brand credibility by providing friendly customer service.
  • Share sales analysis and demand forecasts with KNT headquarters.
  • Share business progress and performance with KNT headquarters.

These are the questions that KNT asks the distributor.

  • What are the brand marketing and sales plans for the Dongwoo red ginseng products?
  • What are your strengths in marketing and selling?
  • What are the geographical ranges of the market you can manage? How does management work?
  • Can you tell us more about your store's information and key customers?